Flea, tick & mite prevention for dogs

Fleas, ticks, and mites all flourish in the warmer temperatures, so using Flea Off just before the summer months will give you a better chance of preventing them. Using fresh ingredients, Flea off is a hand blended powder that prevents unwanted fleas, tick and mites in dogs and cats.

How does it work?

All the ingredients work together to help in the process of deterring pests. It is an all-round supplement with some great benefits.

The Kelp in Flea off helps reduce itchiness and improves general condition of the skin if your pet happens to suffer with fleas before taking the supplement, whilst the Fenugreek contains vital vitamins to keep your dog topped up with essential nutrients. The garlic then enters the bloodstream to get into the skin. Fleas, ticks, and mites hate the taste of garlic so jump right off your pet’s coat.

Flea off takes 4 weeks of feeding to build up a deterrent in the body and aids itching and coat problems that may occur too.

How do I use Flea Off?

Flea Off is super easy to use! You can either mix the correct dosage into your dog’s food or mix it in with plain yogurt.


Up to 9kg – 1 teaspoon a day

10kg and over – 2 teaspoons a day

Does Flea Off have any benefits?

It does! Along with helping to deter fleas, ticks, and mites, it contains no toxic chemicals and is suitable from 8 weeks old, so you can use Flea Off without any worries.

Our Flea Off blend is 100% natural and made in the UK, therefore smell, consistency and colour can change from batch to batch. It is nothing to worry about, it is just because all the ingredients used are raw and natural so can change from season to season.


Laura x