What is an elimination diet for dogs?

What is an elimination diet for dogs?

How do I know if I need to try an elimination diet for my dog?

Elimination diets are used when your dog is having an unwanted reaction to something in their food. This might be showing symptoms in the form of diarrhoea, generalised itching, hives, feet biting, skin infections and general discomfort.

What is an elimination diet?

An elimination diet involves restricting their food to one protein.  Ideally you should avoid ingredients commonly associated with sensitivities (such as chicken). You need to ensure your dog continues to get nourishment, whilst allowing you to identify the problem from a ‘blank slate’.

Once you have reduced their food right back to basics, you want to start adding eliminated foods slowly. Monitor how they react to the different foods over time and record any changes.  Foods that cause a reaction will allow you to identify the trigger.

What are the benefits of an elimination diet?

Apart from allowing you to pin point what food your dog is sensitive to, elimination diets are relatively easy to do. You can do them at home, so it is a simple way for you to identify what foods your dog is sensitive to without expensive treatment from the vet first.

Remember: steroids and medication are only masking the problem.  Although they may relieve symptoms short term, they are not a long term solution that can often be easily fixed.

Do you have to raw feed to do an elimination diet?

No.  Whilst a little trickier to do an elimination diet using dry food due to the extra ingredients, we can work with you to narrow things down using our wide range of dry dog food flavours.

At Dragonfly Products, we specialise in elimination diets and are always happy to help guide you through starting one.  Sometimes it is super easy to pinpoint the source, other times it can be a long journey that requires patience and perseverance.

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