Yeasty Beasty (Yeast Control)

Dragonfly Products
  • For yeast imbalance & infection
  • Calms and balances yeast levels
  • UK manufactured
  • Suitable from 8 weeks+

    Yeast infection in dogs is a common problem and it happens when there’s an over production of yeast in a dog’s system. The signs there is something wrong include itching, head shaking, and dirty ears. You may notice a discolouration in your dog’s fur too. This is one of the common symptoms associated with a yeast infection in dogs.

    Yeasty Beasty is a great supplement to help ease the discomfort a yeast infection in dogs causes. Made with natural ingredients, Yeasty Beasty added daily to a dog’s food or in plain yoghurt can help to alleviate the itchiness that drives your pet mad. This wonderful supplement helps get the yeast balance back in control while promoting your dog’s overall health and well-being. Yeasty Beasty can assist in preventing future yeast infections in dogs too.

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    Yeasty Beasty is made from a potent blend of natural ingredients which includes the following:

    • Neem
    • Turmeric
    • Kelp

    These natural ingredients work in conjunction to support natural levels of yeast in your dog’s system. Blended together, they help prevent yeast overproduction. As such, added daily to your pet’s food or in plain yoghurt, Yeasty Beasty not only supports your dog’s natural yeast levels, but the supplement is an effective way to potentially prevent future problems. It’s a great choice to combat yeast imbalance in dogs. 

    Recommended dosage:

    • Dogs up to 9kg  – 1 teaspoon with food or in plain yoghurt
    • Dogs 10kg and over – 2 teaspoons with food or in plain yoghurt 


    • Once a day


    • Golden Flax Seed
    • Neem Leaf
    • Turmeric
    • Apium Seed
    • Kelp 

    Yeasty Beasty is handcrafted in the UK using natural raw fresh ingredients. As such, the supplement’s consistency, colour and odour will differ from batch to batch, so please don’t worry if a new order of Yeasty Beasty appears a little different to the last one you purchased from Dragonfly Products. 




    Age Suitability
    8 weeks+
    Free From
    Additives, Flavourings, Gluten, Grain,
    Neem, Turmeric, Flax Seed, Apium Seed,
    For help with...
    Yeast Imbalance
    Pack Weight
    Region of Origin
    Shelf Life
    12 months

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