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Yak Bars for Dog are the ultimate long lasting dog chew.  Made from compressed and hardened yak milk.  Virtually odourless. Perfect from 8 weeks of age onwards.

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Dragonfly Products Yak Chews for dogs are an excellent source of entertainment for dogs large and small.  

Our Yak Attack Bars are 100% natural dog chews made with Himalayan Yak Milk. Our bars are designed to be slightly softer in comparison to our Deer Antlers & Buffalo Horns but are still much, much tougher than standard dog chews.

Traditionally, these chews are made from yak and cow milk obtained from local farmers in the Himalayan region, but our own Yak bars are now made in the EU, to EU standards, whist still maintaining Himalayan tradition.  Made from a mix of skimmed Yak and Cow milk, a very small amount of lime juice and salt is then added to coagulate (harden) the milk.  This is then then compressed into bars and dried for 28 days which gives the chew a unique smell and taste.

Yak Attack bars are a natural, healthy treat for your pooch. They are also gluten-free, preservative free, vegetarian, rich in calcium and protein with no nasty’s added to ensure they are naturally good for your dog.

As your dog chews, the treats softens and small morsels break off, this means your pooch has to work at the treat which keeps them entertained for longer time.

With three sizes to choose from, each chew is graded by weight not size.  As this is a totally natural product, sizes and shapes will vary. 

HELPFUL TIP: Once your pooch has reached the final 2cm or so, pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds.  It will puff up like popcorn and reduce the chances of your dog gulping the final piece down whole!


Small 28-40g (suitable for small puppies and small breed dogs)
Medium 68-80g (suitable for small-medium sized adult dogs)
Large 138-155g (suitable for medium-large dogs)

Suitable from 8 weeks of age.

Typical Analysis: Protein 62.4%, Oils and fats 18%, Fibre less than 1%, Ash 5.3%, Moisture 10.2%


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Rawhide Chews
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Dental Sticks
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