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From £1.99

The best puppy training treats ever.  Whether teaching a puppy or older dog to behave at home or out on walks, Bird & Sweet Potato Little Trainers Training Treats are packed with tasty goodness with nothing nasty added. Dogs of all ages can’t resist these little nuggets because our puppy training treats are packed with flavour. Fed to puppies or dogs as treat or to help with “recall”, Little Trainers Training Treats are made with 100% natural ingredients and are totally grain-free.

From £1.99

Our fish and sweet potato puppy training treats are full of goodness.  They are a wonderful choice for dogs of all ages and especially helpful when used as puppy training aids.  You can feed our fish and sweet potato treats as a treat, or when you need to teach a furry friend the ‘recall’ command.  Dogs find our Little Trainers Training Treats too good to resist which makes training time a fun experience.  Our fish and sweet potato natural dog treats are 100% grain and gluten-free with no artificial flavours.  They are a great natural dog treat for allergy sufferers.


Our dried chicken hearts are perfect for all dogs (and cats), these natural dog treats are juicy and plumb having been slowly air-dried to lock in all that nutritious goodness. The chicken heart dog treats provide a lean source of protein while being high in fatty acids, essential vitamins and taurine to help maintain a healthy heart. Dogs of all ages love chicken heart treats, and being a muscle rather than offal, you can give your four-legged companion a naturally healthy dog treat regularly when they are good.

From £2.99

Our Just Meat training treats are the perfect sized treat to help with puppy training, recall or just as a 'treat'!  Chicken is a fantastic, healthy protein that is gentle on the tummy.

From £2.99

We only use 100% unsmoked duck in our Just Meat training treats with no grains or gluten in them.  They are the best healthy dog treats no matter how young or old your canine companion is.  The treats are filled with natural goodness, and being air-dried none of the healthy protein is lost making them super gentle on tummies.

From £2.99

A healthy treat for dogs and a great choice for training puppies, our Just Meat training treats are the perfect size for those smaller mouths (and larger ones too!).  Our treats are a brilliant choice for teaching the ‘recall’ command to dogs of all ages because they find our treats irresistible.  100% rabbit goes into our Little Trainers Just Meat Training treats, nothing added or taken away, and being a great source of healthy protein, these healthy treats for dogs are gentle on a puppy’s delicate tummy.

From £2.99

Our Just Meat Venison treats make puppy training fun.  These healthy dogs treats are just the right size for smaller mouths, and are great when teaching younger (or older dogs) ‘recall’.  Just Meat Venison training treats are also just great ‘healthy dog treats’ that our canine companions love.  Made with 100% venison, the treats provide a healthy source of protein which makes them gentle on a puppy’s tummy.


Our Calm & Relaxed natural treats for dogs contain Lavender and Camomile and are part of our Little Trainers Remedial Range. These two wonderful herbs are known to soothe and relax dogs when they are anxious or stressed out. Our Calm & Relaxed natural dog treats are also a brilliant bedtime snack or offered to our canine companions before going on car journeys.


Clean & Fresh are part of our Remedial range of natural dental chews for dogs that help reduce tartar build-up on your dog’s teeth. Our dog chews contain the best ingredients carefully sourced which includes Green Tea Extract, Activated Charcoal, Peppermint & Parsley all of which help keep your pet’s teeth in good condition, and their breath sweet.


Soft & Silky is part of our Remedial Range and is a healthy dog treat that contains Omega 3, Zinc and Biotin to keep your dog’s skin and coat in great shape. The ingredients used in our natural dog treat is specifically formulated to promote a healthy skin and a shiny coat.

From £3.99

Our Dried Sprats are natural dog treats rich in vitamins, nutrients and Omega Oils. They are the perfect puppy training treat that provides a high value reward. Air dried to perfection these natural dog treats are packed with natural goodness.


Our delicious grain-free Sea Biscuits are 100% natural dog treats with the taste of the sea. Sea Biscuits with salmon, whitefish, seaweed, and potato are full of natural goodness and packed with Omega 3 & 6. They are a great choice for dogs with allergies.


Our Sea Biscuits are 100% natural dog treats perfect for dogs with allergies. Sea Biscuits with cheese and tomato are full of natural goodness and the taste of the sea.

Why not check out the delicious Salmon & Seaweed or Whitefish & Turmeric versions too!


Our Sea Biscuits with whitefish and turmeric are irresistibly crunchy. These healthy natural dog treats are full of goodness and the taste of the sea. Low in fat and containing turmeric, our Sea Biscuits help support joint health and mobility.

Why not check out the delicious Cheese & Tomato or Salmon & Seaweed versions too!


Delicious grain free biscuits with the taste of the sea! Crunchy biscuits packed with Whitefish, Potato, Garlic & Parsley.

From £5.99

Our black pudding Sausages are perfect for breaking into smaller pieces for training treats to help with puppy training, recall or just as a 'treat'!  Even the fussiest dog can't resist these little nuggets packed with flavour. You can choose how big the treat is.

From £7.99

100% naturally dried beef liver. Ideal for all sizes and breeds these make great liver training treats for dogs and is perfect for those following a raw diet and struggling to get their pooch to eat liver.


Our Whitefish Jerky Mini Bites are a premium 100% natural dog treat, rich in extra vitamins and nutrients found naturally in fish perfect for small to medium dogs and great for taking on walks as training treats.