O'Tom Tick Twister


Tick twisters allow you to safely and easily remove any sized tick from you or your pet. With two different sized twisters, you can painlessly get rid of ticks no matter what.

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This tick twister set is specially designed for removing ticks from the skin. It allows the users to hold the tick without compressing it. It allows you to remove the tick with a twisting motion, which is the safest way to do so. 

Simply select the appropriate twister size for the tick, hook the tick and twist it off and out of the skin. It is a painless and easy process, so you can get rid of ticks from you or your pets anytime.

Each pack contains 2 Tick Twister hooks, a large one for removing engorged ticks and a small one for removing very small ticks (from 1/10 of a millimetre).


Natural alternative to
Chemical Flea Treatment