Little Trainers 'Just Meat' Training Treats - Rabbit

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A healthy treat for dogs and a great choice for training puppies, our Just Meat training treats are the perfect size for those smaller mouths (and larger ones too!).  Our treats are a brilliant choice for teaching the ‘recall’ command to dogs of all ages because they find our treats irresistible.  100% rabbit goes into our Little Trainers Just Meat Training treats, nothing added or taken away, and being a great source of healthy protein, these healthy treats for dogs are gentle on a puppy’s delicate tummy.

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Dogs enjoy snuffling and hunting for food and treats.  Our Snuffle Mat provides fantastic entertainment and enrichment.  Our range of Snuffle Mats are made from super soft fleecy tufts which are nose safe (cheap, rough fabrics could cause friction burn on the delicate nose skin). 


We only ever use 100% unsmoked dried meat in Our Just Meat Little Trainers range. Nothing is added or taken away from our healthy treats for dogs, and being air dried all the goodness is locked into every treat. We never add grains or artificial flavours to our treats, and because they are healthy treats for dogs, they are a great choice for allergy sufferers.

Each 250g pack contains approximately 250 treats

  • 100% meat sourced in Europe – we only use carefully sourced meat in our healthy treats for dogs
  • Gluten-free and grain-free - no artificial flavours go into our healthy treats for dogs.  We only use unsmoked rabbit meat with no added spices, grains, soy, wheat, wheat, and definitely no fillers are used in our treats making them a great choice for allergy sufferers
  • A great choice for all types of dog training – our healthy treats for dogs are a fantastic choice for training younger and older dogs too
  • Hand packed in resealable pouches – to ensure freshness we hand pack our healthy treats for dogs in resealable pouches. This means our treats stay fresh for months and any odours are well contained in the resealable pouches
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – if for any reason your puppy or dog does not like our treat, we always refund your money without question

Our healthy treats are suitable for puppies and dogs from 8 weeks old. That said, it is always a good idea to supervise your dog no matter what age they are when you give them any type of treat. We also recommend that dogs have free access to fresh, clean water too!

Available in Venison, Rabbit, Duck and Chicken.

Ingredients: 100% Rabbit

Typical Analysis: Protein 46.7%, Fat 25%, Ash 23.1%


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