Holistic Vet Clinics at Dragonfly

Holistic Vet Clinics at Dragonfly

What is a Holistic Consultation?
Katja will look at your dog’s overall health – not just a few symptoms and prescribe a herbal tincture or supplement where necessary.

Is it suitable for my dog?
A Holistic Consultation is suitable for all chronic diseases - arthritis, chronic skin disease, chronic bowel disease, chronic liver or kidney disease, chronic pancreatitis, senile behaviour, and all those ‘I wish there was more’ situations, where your pet just isn’t quite right.

What will happen in the session?
Katja will review any previous clinical notes from your vet clinic, take any history from a holistic perspective, a thorough examination of your dog and a strategy on how to proceed forwards.

How much will it cost?
The usual price is £125. (Discounted to £100 throughout August). This includes the first acupuncture session. Any supplements or tinctures that are required, will be charged on top of this.

What else does Katja offer?
Additionally, Katja will offer Parvo only vaccinations if your vets don’t offer this service. This will be done in collaboration with your vet clinic. These cost £75.

How do I book?
You need to book the consultation via email at info@petsrelaxed.co.uk or by calling 01457 337688. You MUST book the appointment a few days in advance at least, to give Katja time to contact your vet clinic for the pet’s clinical history.  Dragonfly Products are unable to take direct bookings at this time.

Titre Testing Clinics
Katja runs regular titre testing clinics at Dragonfly Products.  For more information on the use of titre testing and details of our next session can be found here.