Is corn on the cob safe for dogs?

Is corn on the cob safe for dogs?

With the summer weather upon us, that means BBQ’s and garden parties, which also means lots of foods for your dog to get hold of. If you have a lot of people over, it can be difficult to keep a constant eye on what you dog is eating, which is why you should always be aware of where you leave left over food, especially the cobs of corn.

So, why do you need to be careful with left over cobs?

The centre part of your corn on the cob is large, indigestible and has the same structure as a loofah that you would use in the shower – abrasive!  In the first instance they do pose a risk of choking, however, if your dog was able to swallow the cob, it can cause blockages in the intestines and internal wounds to the lining of the digestive system.

Each year dogs die from eating the cob when their owners haven’t noticed them hanging around the empty plates at a BBQ.  The cob literally gets stuck in the digestive tract and then can tear the intestines as it passes through.

Look out for symptoms like sickness, tiredness, difficulty pooing and abdominal pain, as these are all signs that your dog could have swallowed a cob.  If you think this is the case, take your dog down to the vets immediately as it will require medical attention – a cob is not something that will work its own way through the system.

So, if you are planning to have a get together this summer, just make sure any corn on the cob is out of the way and disposed of. This will create a safer environment for your dog, so everyone can enjoy the summer sun!

Laura x