We take great care in sourcing all the ingredients that go into our natural dog treats and chews within the UK and Europe. 

From puppy friendly treats and chews to pizzles/bully sticks and lots in between, our range offers you a great selection of natural dog treats and chews. 

Whether your pet is young and bouncy or senior and calmer, our natural dog treats and chews are an excellent choice for dogs of all ages. Additionally, our natural puppy training treats are the perfect solution for teaching a youngster how to behave around the home and out on walks. 

People often ask us about the best dog chew for their dogs, and we are always here to answer your questions, so please check out our natural dog treats online today.

Advice from the experts

  • Feclab Wormcount for Dogs a natural worming solution
    Dog health and nutrition

    Feclab Wormcount for Dogs

    Feclab Wormcount for Dogs are a natural worming solution taking a holistic approach to regular worming tablets.

  • Choosing A Harness For Your Dog
    Dog training advice

    Choosing A Harness For Your Dog

    A well-fitted harness for your dog or puppy is so important.  Our guide helps you know what to look for or you can come to our Huddersfield store for a free harness fitting from our Ruffwear Range.

  • Safe Chews for Puppies
    Dog health and nutrition

    Safe Chews for Puppies

    We have rounded up the safest, best puppy chews and treats we have to offer in our range and what age they are suitable from.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar For Dogs
    Dog health and nutrition

    Apple Cider Vinegar For Dogs

    Apple Cider Vinegar is a great natural supplement that has so many benefits for dogs internally and externally.

  • Are Deer Antlers Safe For Dogs?
    Dog health and nutrition

    Are Deer Antlers Safe For Dogs?

    Deer Antlers are a popular choice of long lasting chew for many dog owners. Our naturally shed, ethically sourced antlers are the perfect way to keep your dog occupied alongside some other surprising benefits.

  • Furry Rabbit Ears - a natural wormer!
    Dog health and nutrition

    Furry Rabbit Ears - a natural wormer!

    Feeding fur is a natural way to approach worming your dog.  We give you the lowdown on this more holistic approach to worming.