Manifold Valley Meats Mixed Variety Box (12x454g Packs)

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  • Frozen/Raw Item
  • Mix of completes|boneless|offal free
  • 12 x 454g
  • Finely ground mince

Our Manifold Valley Meats Mixed Variety Boxes are a fantastic, cost effective approach to raw feeding.  Our pre-mixed variety box (12 x 454g) offers a range of flavours (dependent on stock availability) to ensure your dog gets a variety of proteins throughout the week.  Please note these are pre-mixed so we are unable to switch flavours.

Please see delivery terms prior to ordering - raw and frozen items are subject to a total minimum weight of 6kg for our frozen courier food delivery option to show at checkout.

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Our Manifold Valley Meats pre-mixed box offers a choice of different flavours (dependent on stock availability) to ensure your dog gets a variety of flavours throughout the week.  Please note: this box is pre-mixed so you are unable to choose your flavours.

Included within our Manifold Valley Meats Mixed boxes are completes and boneless minces.  

This box is unsuitable for fussy or allergic dogs.


Primary Ingredients
Chicken, Beef, Pork, Turkey, Lamb, Duck, Fish, Tripe, Oily Fish, Beef Tripe,
Mixed Variety Box
Contains Offal
Contains Fruit/Veg
Variety Pack

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