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Lamb Horns are long-lasting natural dog chews that provide hours of fun for dogs large and small. Our natural dog chews are untreated and hollow making them a great alternative to antlers.


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Lamb Horns are a great source of entertainment for dogs large and small. They are natural healthy natural dog chews and a great alternative to antlers.

Lamb horns are very long-lasting natural dog chews and a natural alternative to dental sticks and chews. PLEASE NOTE – we do not recommend giving power chewers Lamb Horns because the chews may splinter when crushed by a dog’s strong jaws.

A great alternative to Kong toys Lamb Horns can be stuffed with all sorts of natural dog treats and pastes keep a dog entertained for hours. You can also wash the horns in warm water after use when needed.


Medium 120g-180g (suitable for small to medium sized adult dogs)
Large 181g+ (suitable for large dogs)

  • 100% Healthy long-lasting dog chews – gluten and grain-free, our Lamb Horns are unsmoked with nothing added, and nothing taken away. They are a great long-lasting natural dog chew for allergy sufferers
  • Dental health – dogs love to gnaw on things and our Lamb Horns provide hours of entertainment while at the same time maintaining good oral health
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – please let us know if your dog does not enjoy gnawing on our natural long-lasting dog chew and we will happily refund the cost

Lamb Horns are suitable for puppies and dogs from 12 weeks of age. However, we always recommend that you supervise a dog when they are eating a dog chew no matter how young or old they happen to be. We also recommend that dogs have free access to fresh, clean water at all times.

Ingredients: 100% Lamb Horn


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Alternatives to...

Healthier alternative to
Rawhide Chews
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12 weeks+
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