Ear Relief Tonic

Dragonfly Products
  • Symptomatic relief for ears
  • Calms & soothes ear canal
  • Natural supplement
  • Suitable from 8 weeks+

At some point during your dogs life they will experience itchy ears, this is sometimes caused through dirt, parasites, allergies or infection – symptoms normally present as shaking of their head, itching their ears and often start smelling. Ear Relief Tonic helps soothe, clean and lubricate the ear canal helping to prevent future problems whilst helping to soothe current symptoms.

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Shake well. 

Treatment 1-2 small drops into the ear morning & evening. Massage the base of the ear for 20 seconds then let your dog shake their head to clear the liquid from the ear canal. To use as support, apply 1-2 small drops to the ears 2-3 times each week. Always patch test before use. Discontinue use if ear becomes irritated. 

We always recommend you see a vet to ensure there is no underlying health issues if ear problems persist.

Always patch test before use. Alternate the skin area this product is applied too, to prevent irritation.

Handmade in the UK using natural raw fresh ingredients

Free from Chemicals or additives 

Ingredients: Maythen Oil (Wild Mustard), Rosemary Oil, Tea Tree Oil

Size: 100ml


Age Suitability
8 weeks+
Free From
Additives, Flavourings, Gluten, Grain,
Tea Tree, Maythen, Rosemary,
For help with...
General Wellbeing
Natural alternative to
Pack Weight
Region of Origin
Shelf Life
18 months