Friday Night Musings 027

So this (partial) week I have….

1. DROPPED the threshold for our free shipping! For April and May you will only have to spend £30 to qualify for free delivery (exc raw). With rising costs of EVERYTHING, we are trying to help you guys out a little!

2. Taken delivery of our new raw food brand ‘Just Natural’ - and you guys are loving it

3. Recorded more YouTube videos - hopefully you are enjoying them and finding them informative. I feel a bit weird in front of the camera but at least you know it is me, warts and all!

4. Fitted lots of harnesses on doggies large and small! Our Ruffwear harnesses are brilliant. Cannot recommend them enough.

5. Welcomed Jess back from annual leave with a massive hug (she pretends she hates it but I know she secretly loves my hugs). Normality is resumed

6. Enjoyed a cup of tea made by Nikki. She held her own with a steady 8.5. And on first attempt. This woman will go far I think…

7. Had a great meeting with the lovely Sally from The Canine Dietician. She will be joining us to offer her services to our customers with particularly tricky digestive and health issues. Clinics to be confirmed.

8. Welcomed the beautiful weather with open arms - if we could have this until September now I would be a very happy lady.

9. Laughed at Mr Lambert who decided to do a spot of gardening - he didn’t clear the dog poo up before he started and knelt in one. I am very childish. It made me laugh more than it should, especially as it got matted in his leg hair.

10. Remembered that I am working tomorrow with the lovely Julia and Shane and so I best go and get some beauty sleep!

Have a good one everyone!

Laura xx