Friday Night Musings 026

Friday Night Musings 026

So this week I have:

1. Been mainly in my office buried under emails and paperwork

2. Drank my body weight (and then some) in cups of tea! Katie has increased her tea making score to a steady 8.5

3. Launched our subscription service on more products - all dry food and raw food variety boxes are now included! Subscriptions save 10% which hopefully helps with the constant price increases we’re all currently experiencing!

4. Worked all weekend due to staff illness - although tiring it was really lovely being in the shop, chatting with customers and seeing familiar faces

5. Got confirmation that Just Natural will arrive next week - there was a small delay on our order. Looking forward to getting this new free flow mince brand in stock

6. Laughed out loud at the noise coming from our harness fitting room when Julia undertook fittings on two very boisterous and excited Staffies! It sounded like a riot was taking place

7. Finally FINALLY got some pork spaghetti back in stock - I know you’ve all been waiting! It won’t stay in stock for long sadly at the rate it’s flying out!

8. Finalised so many Pawtrait prints - lots of you have ordered them for Mother’s Day Gifts!

9. Had a sickly team this week - from nasty headaches, drippy noses and raging toothache they’ve been a poorly bunch. Stay away from me - unclean unclean

10. Had my tea cooked for me every day by my lovely hubby - much appreciated after a long day! Thank you Rich!

Enjoy your weekend - looks set for some . Wish me luck, I’ve got five teenage boys in my house tonight having a sleepover

Laura x