Friday Night Musings 022

Friday Night Musings 022

This week I have:

1. Caught a nasty head cold. My nostril is sore from bl**dy covid test sticks being stuck up it. I remain Covid free but feeling rotten.

2. Been exceptionally grateful for my awesome team for keeping things running whilst I’ve been on the ropes.

3. Undertook the hardest nail clipping to date – a poo bomb exploded as we were clipping the back nails. I SO nearly got hit! Pooch was merrily oblivious!

4. Been pleased to increase Katie’s cup of tea making score from a dismal 6 to a 9. Not that I am particular about my brews

5. Took delivery of loads of Kong toys – we’ve been waiting for them to come in for a while!

6. Signed up a reviews provider for the website – so many of you have been asking for a product review section – it is just being implemented but by next week should be up and running. We will be super grateful to you lovely folk if you would get reviewing your purchases to help other customer’s make decisions! Watch out for the announcement once it goes live.

7. Been very grateful to you all for taking part in our poll of what extra items you would like to see us offer. We are going through everything and have started discussions with some great new brands.

8. Took delivery of a forklift truck for the warehouse – Rich is very excited about the new toy and all we can hear is the incessant ‘beep beep’ of the reversing alarm as he motors around in it. I don’t think he really has any work to do!

9. Entertained a bored Reggie & Dolly – the weather has been wild and windy, what are you guys doing to keep your pooches happy whilst the wind howls?

10. Totally off topic but discovered a new documentary on Netflix called Night Crawler – how good is that?! Binge watched it and now need more suggestions…

And that’s it folks, sorry they’re not the most exciting musings but, if I haven’t mentioned, I have had a cold…

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe in this wind!

L x