Friday Night Musings 020

Friday Night Musings 020

This week I have:

1. Happily taken delivery of billions of bully braids to keep our doggies customers happy! Until the next delivery…

2. Eaten too many stuffed Nutella cookies that star baker Leanne made for us (that woman is a feeder…!)

3. Welcomed new girl Katie to the team - she joins us to assist the management team - somehow she survived her first week with good humour! She’s also awesome at photography

4. Finalised our new Personalised Pawtraits offering and Lordy do you lot love them! It’s quite nice to have worked on a project that isn’t as stinky as the natural treats Watch out for a cheeky competition to win one of these starting soon

5. Laughed hard when a four-legged customer wee’d all over Jess’ foot in the shop and she had to walk around with a soggy trainer all day

6. Been very proud of my ‘J Team’ in the shop. Julia Julia Jane Jane you are simply brilliant and keep the shop running so smoothly. You’re blooming awesome

7. Started a lovely new customer off on a raw diet to help with Renal Disease. I’ll be watching the results with interest!

8. Taken delivery of new bowls, slow feeders and beds. They are all on the website. Wondering what else I need to start adding??

9. Realised that there are literally not enough hours in the day. Where does time go???

10. Said a very bittersweet farewell to our lovely Cora-May. CM (as she’s known) started with us two years ago as a very shy, quiet 16 year old and blossomed into a confident, capable young woman. She has been accepted to undertake a Degree Apprenticeship in Dental Nursing. We couldn’t be more proud. Their gain is most definitely our loss and we wish her so much success on the start of her career!

And that’s it folks. Need to go - my Chinese Takeaway has arrived. Have a good one!

Laura x