Friday Night Musings 015

Friday Night Musings 015

So this week I have:

1. Started an elimination diet for poor old Reg. He has been biting and chewing his paws all week. Unsure why as he has always been on the same diet with no problems so we are trying to work out if the itching is food related or winter related (salt on pavements etc).

2. Been grateful for masks – grown a huge spot on my chin this week so the mask is covering it nicely. Every cloud and all that…

3. Realised that Rosie, one of our wonderful weekend staff, is a bit of a dark horse and loves nothing more than a dance to Christmas Tunes. We can’t make her stop!

4. Taken a huge delivery of Forthglade wet food – it has been out of stock for a while in some flavours so it was great to get them all back in and feel fully stocked again!

5. Finally got a date for our MASSIVE delivery of loads of items – just in time for Christmas – Lamb Horns are on there thank the lord! I know some of you are pretty desperate!

6. Discovered what the haunting noises were in the warehouse….. bloody walk in freezer! When it kicks on and off it makes a horrible noise but it definitely isn’t ghostly. The figure seen in the shop cupboard remains a mystery though…

7. Finalised some really exciting website improvements that will launch in January. More details to follow.

8. Agreed to add HD8 to our local delivery service every Tuesday starting 4th January – I know we will have some very happy customers and we thank you for your patience whilst we got this up and running

9. Planned our Christmas Extravaganza for tomorrow 11th December – the shop looks great and we are really excited for our online friends to be able to join in and get a free gift with every order for 24 hours tomorrow. You are all appreciated so this is just a little something to say thank you.

10. Got my Christmas Jumper prepped and ready for tomorrow… I’ll be in the shop all day (two Saturday’s in a row!) – can’t wait to see you!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Laura x