Friday Night Musings 014

Friday Night Musings 014

1. Had a midweek day off!! Naughty…! Managed to get some Christmas Present wrapping done!

2. Cleared Reggie’s tapeworm burden totally naturally with GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) - super happy and we will be adding GSE to our range in the New Year!

3. Met the lovely Rob from Ruffwear UK and Chris from Naturaw! So wonderful to see actual faces after just dealing with these lovely guys over the phone for the last six months! Fab companies

4. In addition to point 3, Ruffwear are helping us to overhaul our harness fitting room for New Year which is super exciting! Can’t wait to see what it looks like!

5. The haunting of Kiln Hill continues with Julia seeing a figure in the shop cupboard… (Rich remains totally unconvinced…)

6. Welcomed a cracking new piece of machinery (thank you Leanne for modelling so beautifully). We now have a huge cardboard shredder which means we can repurpose all of the cardboard boxes our suppliers send as void fill for our own packages. Trying to become more sustainable one step at a time!

7. Acted as first aider when Melissa cut her thumb. I’m pretty crap though so Kieran took over and stopped the crisis! Melissa’s thumb is recovering well but we’ve got her some round ended children’s scissors for future use.

8. Went ice skating in the carpark after Storm Arwen dumped a load of snow and ice at the beginning of the week!

9. Felt the need to give a BIG shout out to our DPD and Royal Mail drivers this week. Not only did they have Black Friday to contend with, they also had to navigate Storm Arwen but they did it in their usual cheerful and reliable manner so big shout out to Marek (also known as Maverick to us) and Ian (Jez - UPS - we love you dearly too but we didn’t see you think week presumed you were slacking… )

10. Realised I need to get an early night so I am bright eyed and bushy tailed for you lovely lot tomorrow that come into the shop!

Have a good one folks!

Laura x