Friday Night Musings 012

This week I have:

1. Worked in the warehouse!! I’ve packed and picked. So reminiscent of when I started out - just me - and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Plus got my 10k steps in per day easy peasy!

2. Abandoned the post holiday diet! Some weeks require comfort food and there is no comfort food better than fish and chips from Slawit Chippy for lunch

3. Had cuddles with so many adorable pups! Stanley stood out for me who had a quick puppy health check - I clipped his very long nails and gave him a good once over before his lovely owner has his first vet visit!

4. Laughed until my tummy hurt at Cora May’s dubious dance moves!! I do worry about my team…

5. Took Tuesday off to go Christmas shopping with my mum and sister at the Trafford Centre! A yearly tradition that we missed last year due to Covid so it was wonderful to do it again!

6. Planned the work’s Xmas Party - The Little Bridge in Slaithwaite is hosting all 22 of us… god help you!

7. Started some 2022 planning of new ideas we will be launching - exciting times ahead

8. Celebrated a breakthrough with stubborn allergies for one customer. I think we may have cracked it

9. Realised that working with your husband isn’t ALWAYS bad… he has kept me replenished with SO many brews this week whilst I worked. I do love you Rich!

10. Realised how fortunate I am to have an amazing business and some amazing people working for me. You are all appreciated, my lovely madcap team!

And that’s it folks. Enjoy your weekend!

Laura xx