Friday Night Musings 010

This week I have:

1. Shared an office with an incubus of snot-filled bubonic plague... OK so it was a bad cold but enough already! I've sprayed Jess and Richard with more antibac that you can shake a stick at! Take your colds elsewhere please

2. Welcomed two new members to our team! Thornley (extra hands for the warehouse) and Tyler (additional weekend Order Processor). Welcome guys!

3. Had an interesting discussion with a customer on a potential allergy with her dog but I am slightly stumped as to what is going on. Sometimes it is trial and error so fingers crossed our course of action will work!

4. Did Reggie and Dolly's 6 monthly worm count. Trekking round the garden at 7am in the dark wearing my dressing gown and slippers, picking up poo and putting it into resealable bags was not how I envisaged my day starting. The things we do for these pooches! We await our results.

5. Got the shop dressed ready for our SPOOKTACULAR WEEKEND (next weekend 30/31st) - it feels very Halloweeny!

6. Had lots of wonderful cuddles and kisses from our furry customers! Max, in particular, was very excited to see us all and went round each member of staff to great them enthusiastically!

7. Gave a guided tour of our warehouse to one super-sweet little customer whilst his mum shopped. We were particularly excited by the walk in freezer but both agreed we wouldn't want to get trapped in there! Brrrrrrrr

8. Finalised all of the Christmas Range ready to launch at 12 noon on 1st November 2021! Cannot wait to see it all go live

9. Had an interesting day on Wednesday when our power kept going out due to horrendous weather in the Colne Valley! It isn't easy to operate with no power or WiFi

10. Fingers crossed are well on the way to resolving our Frozen Food Courier service issues! Hoping that we can get this back up and running again within a week or so (all being well)

And that's all folks - hope you have a wonderful weekend and half term!

L x