Friday Night Musings 008

Friday Night Musings 008

So this week I have:

1. Remained deaf. 2.5 weeks and counting…

2. Touch wood touch wood we finally got one of our gorgeous XL Bully customers to stop itching (we worked with the owners on an elimination diet)

3. Took delivery of more Ruffwear Coats

4. Had a wonderful meeting with another amazing company which will hopefully be the start of a fantastic partnership for local customers (more details will follow)

5. Took delivery of a new brand: Boil & Broth - water kefir. And the great news is we can post it out as it’s not frozen! Will be on the website early next week.

6. Sold millions of Halloween Variety Packs you crazy people - we are frantically making up more inventory so if they go out of stock just sign up for the notification email when they are added back in

7. Took three HUGE raw deliveries: MVM, The Dogs Butcher and FOUR PALLETS of Durham Animal Feeds (bloody loved you today DAF)

8. Advised a lovely customer on end of life food for her wonderful pooch with swallowing difficulties. I love my job gosh it is hard sometimes (and I debated whether to include this but I know she won’t mind and it’s so important to know that we CAN help with these things, as hard as it is to discuss)

9. Kept Jess hidden from view… she watched a Facebook video on how to poach an egg in the microwave. It exploded in her face and scalded her badly. Don’t be like Jess and get your cooking tips from Facebook (her face is on the mend thankfully)

10. Added some lovely new Kong toys to our range! I’m like a kid in a sweet shop when doing our Kong order!

So there you go, that’s a wrap! Have a great weekend everyone.

Laura x