Friday Night Musings 007

Friday Night Musings 007

This week I have…

1. Been acutely deaf in my right ear as the ear infection rumbles on. I think the staff and customers are bored of my ‘SAY THAT AGAIN?’ answer to every question!

2. Laughed til my belly hurt with my crazy crew when messing about with our LickiMat Bandanas (we’re going to get in serious trouble with them if they find out )

3. Did some detective work over the phone with a problematic pooch - I’m certain it’s a yeast imbalance but I’ll let you know if my diagnosis and supplement plan works

4. Despaired at supply issues of Durham Animal Feeds - two pallets confirmed (yey!) and then the wagon broke down…

5. Launched our limited edition Halloween Variety Packs (and yes, I came up with the name Willy Wand for the pizzles inside it… )

6. Been grateful to Kieran and Jess for staying late and hand-balling approx 1 tonne of Landywoods raw food off their van with me when they rocked up unexpectedly at 5:05pm!

7. Enjoyed capturing lots of ‘Wall of Shame’ photos this week… keep your peeled

8. Booked a holiday - the first one since July 2019

9. Accidentally weighed myself whilst trying to weigh a customer’s dog. THAT was a schoolgirl error when coupled with point 8 ( )

10. Cried laughing reading the comments on our ‘Hide a Poo’ post on Facebook. Stop Scooping. Start Living. Yes it was a joke. No we are not selling them

And that’s all folks! Have a wonderful weekend. (SAY THAT AGAIN?)

Laura x