Friday Night Musings - 004

Friday Night Musings - 004

In 40 years I have learnt:

1. Shoot for the stars. Things don’t always work out but the urge to keep going has kept me focussed.

2. If my 30’s were anything to go by, my 40’s should kick butt!

3. If someone tell you ‘you can’t’, sod them, you CAN and you WILL

4. Puppies are a great baby substitute. When you feel broody, buy a puppy

5. People may not always like you, but you are who you are and you can only be the best person you can be. Plough on, it’s worth it!

6. At 18 I had no clue what I wanted to do, at 40 I am LIVING THE DREAM. I love my job, company, team, life. I feel lucky.

7. Business has its ups and downs. Enjoy the ups and keep going through the downs. It’s worth it

8. Dogs make the world go round.

9. Keep a small but GOOD circle of friends. Every girl need someone to ‘have their back’, I’m fortunate to have my circle

10. I am grateful to have my family, health, friends, pooches and business. What are you grateful for?

Have a WONDERFUL weekend. I hope to wake up Sunday morning with a monster hangover.

Laura x