Friday Night Musings - 002

Friday Night Musings - 002

This week I have:

1. Discovered TikTok and how very addictive it is!!! (@dfproducts

2. Realised that Kieran in the warehouse has better hair than most of the female staff 

3. Discovered how good our colloidal silver is for humans as well as dogs (big spot on my chin, cleared up with a quick spray ) 

4. Cuddled a Coonhound puppy - the very first I have ever seen in person! What a beauty!! 

5. Practiced walking down the aisle with our newly engaged staff Craig and Leanne (well, mainly Leanne. And against her will. But I am determined to nail the Chief Bridesmaid spot! ) 

6. Rediscovered my love of cross-stitch (great bit of mindfulness on an evening) 

7. Had a mid week day off 

8. Planned some exciting new products for the website 

9. Had many MANY conversations about anal glands with customers (seriously, have you all been saving up the gross questions for this week?? ) 

10. Finally sat down tonight with a glass of Prosecco, Chinese en route and smile on my face!

It’s been a good week. Enjoy the Bank Holiday folks.

Laura x