Friday Night Musings - 001

Friday Night Musings - 001

Friday night musings

Today I have…

1. Cleaned up three dog wees in the shop AND been wee’d on (*by a dog, not a customer…)
2. Defrosted three shop freezers with a hairdryer
3. Fitted four harnesses on four wriggly dogs
4. Hugged an upset customer, struggling to deal with her allergic dog
5. Realised I had a streak of dog slobber going up my jeans, an hour after the event
6. Helped to unload eight large pallet deliveries
7. Spent half an hour on the phone to a customer who was worried about her new puppy not eating
8. Taught my 12 year old son how to use our till system
9. Rang Xerox to trouble shoot our printer issues for half an hour!
10. Realised how amazing our business is and how fabulous our customers are. Made me realise WHY we do what we do!

We are a business NOT a corporation. You feel. We feel. You worry. We offer advice. You cry. We offer a shoulder. You care. WE care!  So cheers to you all!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend.

Laura x