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Christmas Range

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A fantastic hypo-allergenic, grain free complete wet food for your adult dog.


Our Limited Edition Christmas Mix (250g) is our two best selling Little Trainers Treats mixed together in one exclusive pack!  Bird and Sweet Potato (bone shapes) and Fish and Sweet Potato (fish shapes) make a truly fantastic pack of grain free treats for your pooch.


Our Pigs in Blankets are a perfect Christmas gift for your dog.  Chicken & Pork sausages wrapped in a delicious piece of pork rind.  Why not let your dog enjoy a little piece of heaven with our sausage treats - us humans love them and so does your furry friend -Make sure they feel involved on Xmas.


THE most environment friendly dog poo bags - ZERO waste, Home Compostable Dog Poo Bags.  Adios Poo Bags are made from cornstarch and are super thick, strong and large.  Even better – they naturally breakdown in 3-6 months leaving nothing behind.

This pack contains 60 bags.


Our Limited Edition Christmas Just meat strips are a fun gift for your dog, keeping up with the festive theme this pack of tasty treats are 'Three Bird Roast' flavoured.  

Just Meat strips are natural dog chews that can be broken up into smaller pieces or given as a larger chew. Just Meat Strips are long sticks of chewy fun are made up of pure meat and are suitable for dogs from 12 weeks onwards. 


The KONG Cozie™ Reindeer is a soft and luxuriously cuddly plush toy great for snuggle time comfort for small dogs, puppies and soft chewers. Made with an extra layer of material for added strength, the KONG Cozie™ Reindeer is an ideal toy for softer chew sessions and indoor fun.


Dogs enjoy snuffling and hunting for food and treats.  Our Snuffle Mat provides fantastic entertainment and enrichment.  Our range of Snuffle Mats are made from super soft fleecy tufts which are nose safe (cheap, rough fabrics could cause friction burn on the delicate nose skin). Our Limited Edition Christmas Snuffle Mat is the perfect Christmas Gift for your dog!


Grab our Christmas Edition Natural Dog Treat Box and ensure everyone in the family has something to open on Xmas morning.  Filled with a mix of healthy treats, chews and accessories to keep your dog or puppy entertained for hours.