Broken Fish Jerky Bars (500g)

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Our Fish Jerky Bars sometimes get damaged in transit and don't make it into our packs.  These are classed as 'Broken Fish Jerky Bars' and are sold in our clearance section.  Perfect for smaller dogs and puppies.

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Broken Fish Jerky Bars are a premium 100% natural dog treat, rich in extra vitamins and nutrients found naturally in fish perfect for medium to large dogs. Perfect as a natural alternative to dental sticks.

Made from whitefish, these crunchy, fish bars are packed with natural goodness to promote the health and well-being of your dog.  Air dried whitefish skin, folded in on itself to form a solid bar is a fantastic jaw workout whilst cleaning teeth.

✔ 100% BRITISH UK PRODUCE & FROM SUSTAINABLE SOURCE – made at our UK manufacturer's using human grade, EU sourced fish for medium to large dogs ideal for training or an everyday healthy treat or reward

✔ 100% NATURAL TREAT, GRAIN, SOYA & GLUTEN FREE - Just 100% Whitefish Skin, packed with naturally occurring Omega 3 & 6

✔ DENTAL HEALTH – the crunchy texture helps aid tarter and plaque removal through natural chewing action whilst being a lower fat treat than traditional dental sticks

✔ NATURAL SKIN AND COAT CONDITIONER – Omega 3 & 6 help keep your dog’s coat and skin in tip top condition

✔ HAND PACKED IN RESEALABLE PACKAGING - our bags are resealable to keep your product fresh for months and odours contained and yes, we really do pack each bag by hand

✔ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - if your dog is not totally happy with our product, we will refund you without quibble

Suitable for puppies and dogs from 16 weeks of age although we always recommend supervising your dog, regardless of age, when eating any kind of treat.

Please note: Always ensure your dog has access to fresh water when eating any kind of natural treat.

Ingredients: 100% Whitefish Skin Typical Analysis: Protein 84.4%, Ash 17%, Fibres 9.2%, Oils & Fats 2.56%


Food Type
Age Suitability
16 weeks+
Chew Rating
2 - Requires some effort!
Size Suitability
Medium , Large , Giant ,
Primary Ingredients
Fish, Whitefish,
Region of Origin

Health & Nutrition

Free From
Additives, Flavourings, Gluten, Grain,
Dental Health
Low Fat (10% and less)
Single Protein
Shelf Life
18 months
Pack Weight
Oils & Fats