Beef Scalp (With Fur)

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Our Beef Scalp treats are thick, tough, and chewy because our beef jerky for dogs recipe locks in all the goodness and flavours that dogs find irresistible. These natural chewy dog treats contain 100% beef scalp with nothing added and nothing taken away.

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Use in conjunction with a regular Worm Count

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Worm Count Kits for Dogs by our Laboratory Partner - Feclab.  Choose between Worm Count, Lung Worm Count or our Combo Worm & Lung Worm Count Tests.  Eliminating the need for regular worming tablets, our worm count kits give you a clear picture of what is going on inside your dog's intestines without blindly giving them worming tablets 'just in case'.  Our Worm Count & Combo kits also test for Giardia.


Beef Scalp natural chewy dog treats are not only tasty but having the fur left on, these chews act as natural wormers. Dogs love to gnaw on this chew and as the fur passes through their digestive system, it sloughs away any worms and eggs found in your dog’s gut.

We air dry the beef scalp that goes into these natural chewy dog treats and nothing is added or taken away, that’s all that goes into our beef jerky for dogs recipe.

Dragonfly Tip: A great idea is to combine our Beef Scalp natural chewy dog treats to our Worm Count Kit every 6 months to help keep your dog ‘worm free’. 

Every 150g pack contains approximately 3 pieces.

  • 100% European Produce – we only source our ingredients from the EU
  • 100% Natural Chewy Dog Treats – 100% unsmoked beef scalp goes into our Beef Scalp treats with no added spices, no flavouring, no grains, wheat, soy, corn, gluten, and definitely no fillers. These natural chewy dog treats are a great choice for allergy sufferers
  • Natural Wormer – with the fur left on our Beef Scalp natural chewy dog treats, they act as a natural wormer which helps get rid of worms and eggs found in your dogs digestive system
  • Great for Dogs of All Shapes and Sizes – a fantastic natural chewy dog treat for dogs of all shapes and sizes that gets their jaws working
  • Hand Packed in Re-sealable Packaging – we hand pack all our Beef Scalp natural chewy dog treats to ensure they stay fresh for longer. Our re-sealable bags also help contain any odours
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – if your dog turns their nose up at our Beef Scalp treats, not a problem we will happily send you a refund 

Beef Scalp natural chewy dog treats are suitable for puppies and dogs from 16 weeks of age. We also advise owners that dogs should be supervised when they are offered any sort of dog treat and we recommend there is free access to fresh, clean water. 

Ingredients: 100% Beef scalp

Typical Analysis: Protein 72%, Crude Fat 17%, Moisture 7%, Ash 2%


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