Alexander's Naturals Kefir Pawz (frozen)

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*The Goat pack and the Selection pack is a mix of Bone Broth and Kefir paws.

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Alexander's Natural - Kefir Paws  

Homemade using Organic Cows Milk & Organic Fruit. Our Kefir grains have been exclusively fed organic milk during their lifetime.  Available in 6 different flavours.

  • Serve Frozen
  • 7 Day Supply
  • Deliciously Nutritious

Kefir is packed full of nutrition, it has plentiful & equal amounts of Calcium & Phosphorus and is a great source of vitamin B12, riboflavin (B2), vitamin D & magnesium. A wide variety of bioactive compounds including organic acids & peptides.

Kefir is a much more powerful probiotic than any yoghurt! Kefir contains over 30 strains (a probably more) of powerful, good bacteria's & friendly yeasts, making it very rich a diverse probiotic source. also ideal for helping to treat 'yeasty dogs'.

Kefir has potent antibacterial qualities Kefir contains the probiotic lactobacillus kefir, which is unique to kefir & studies show that it can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria including salmonella, E coli & helicobacter pylori. as well as containing kefiran which ca also protect against harmful bacteria's.

Kefir helps to improve bone health because it is rich in both calcium & vitamin K2. Vitamins K2 plays a major role in calcium metabolism and studies have proved an 81% reduction in fractures when supplementing with it. kefir also helps to improve bone density.

Kefir can help balance the gut and can help with all sorts of digestive disorders such as IBS, diverticular disease & Crohns. Kefir repopulates the gut with Healthy bacteria & Yeast.

Kefir has been studied animals and has proved to be effective in reducing inflammatory reactions/allergies.

Kefir improves the immune system. A massive 70% of the immune system is housed in the gut, the aggressive yet very friendly bacteria with kefir contains will replenish a gut.

Kefir helps with yeast issues Because it contains lots of strains of friendly yeast which will overcome the bad yeast causing the issues.


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