Alexander's Naturals Bone Broth Pawz (frozen)

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Bone Broth is something of a superfood supplement - perfect for inclusion with all diets and has an amazing array of health benefits for your dog.

*The Goat pack and the Selection pack is a mix of Bone Broth and Kefir paws.

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Alexander's Natural - Bone Broth Pawz

Bone Broth Pawz are a super meaty jelly that you simply defrost and pour over your dog's feed, or feed frozen as an iced treat.

Available in 4 different flavours.

  • Serve Frozen or defrosted
  • 7 Day Supply
  • Deliciously Nutritious

Bone Broth is packed full of nutrition for joint health. Bone broth is loaded with glycosaminoglycans and you might even be familiar with one of them: glucosamine. Not only does bone broth contain super amazing amounts of glucosamine, it’s also packed with other joint protecting compounds like chondroitin and hyaluronic acid.

Bone Broth helps to detox the liver! A great supplement for dogs that take regular medication, wormers, antibiotics basically anything that can upset the delicate balance in a dog's system.  Bone Broth contains the amino acid, glycine, which helps the liver detox the system.

Bone Broth promotes a healthy gut. The lining of the intestines contains millions of tiny holes that allow the passage of digested nutrients to enter the body. Stress, poor diet and bacterial overgrowth can cause more holes to open or to become bigger…this is called leaky gut. Bone Broth is loaded with a gelatin - a gloopy substance that can help to 'plug' these holes.

Bone Broth can help balance the gut especially after upset tummies or dogs that suffer generally with their digestive system.  Bone Broth works a bit like Chicken Soup when us humans are poorly and helps restore balance and harmony to the gut.


Primary Ingredients
Chicken, Beef, Goat, Venison, Duck, Selection Pack,
Bone Broth Pawz

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