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Our Puppy Starter Box is the perfect bundle for bringing a new puppy home. Let's be honest, half the fun of waiting to bring your new puppy home is the hours of shopping for all those essential puppy items to make bringing them home extra special. 

Here at Dragonfly we like to keep things natural but we also believe in keeping your puppy enriched and mentally stimulated. we've taken some of the stress out of getting your home ready for your puppy. 

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Here at Dragonfly we regularly hear different experiences from new puppy owners and all the stories in between - so we know how stressful preparing to bring your puppy home can be. 

We have developed the puppy starter box for all those essentials that you may have forgotten. We always remember the the collar, lead, bowls but what about the items essential to your puppy's development and growth. What we do with our pups in the early days have a reflection in later life - so it's important to keep on top of your puppy's health from day one. 

We have you covered at Dragonfly Products and our Puppy Starter Box is the perfect way to begin your journey with us.  With an RRP of £41.25, our Puppy Starter Box costs just £34.99 with free DPD Delivery - a great saving on the essentals!

The bundle contains: 

2 x 100g complete grain-free dry food sample (Chicken & Fish) - Our dry food has a high meat content inc freshly prepared meat meaning absolutely no nasty additives and flavourings. Our dry food is super gentle for sensitive puppy tums thanks to the sweet potato but also great in helping towards a healthy growth and development. 

1 x Lickimat - perfect for keeping your puppy mentally stimulated by making them work for their food, the Lickimat also promotes good digestion. The mat can be used to feed your dog from instead of a bowl or can be used as an enrichment toy. 

1 x Small Yak Bar - The yak bar is the perfect teething chew for puppies, also great for their dental health and for keeping those teeth pearly white. The yak bar requires a lot of effort to wear it down, chewing releases endorphins so is a must have for chilling your puppy out during those quieter times. 

1 x Puppy Chew Variety Pack - Keeping in with the chewing theme (because puppies do this a LOT), our puppy chew pack is packed full of yummy natural chews and training treats which are packed full of goodness and no nasties added. 

1 x 250g Little Trainer Training Treats - Training is so important for you and your dog. Training keeps you and puppy safe whilst exploring the world but also allows you to  bond and form those boundaries.  Training shows your puppy your expectations and what you want from them; Our Little Trainers just make that easier whilst keeping pooch happy. 

1 x Kong Toy - This may vary with stock but will be perfect for those puppy play times - please specify if you prefer a certain style of toy i.e. ball/ plush 

1 x Natural Puppy Shampoo - Our Natural Puppy Shampoo is great for sensitive puppy coats for giving them a spruce between grooms. Hand blended from essential oils and ingredients making bath time a happy experience. 

1 x Roll of Adios compostable poo bags (15 bags) - because who remembers poo bags? 

Suitable from 8 weeks +. We always recommend supervising any age dog with any chew or toy and provide a clean supply of fresh water. 


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