KONG Kong Flipz


A mentally stimulating treat dispenser for your dog to play with. Easily insert treats or kibble into it to keep them entertained. Available in small and large.

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How to use:

1. Twist to open    

2. Fill with kibble or treats.  

3. Twist to close. 

For TREAT DISPENSING fun, add a small handful. For MEALTIME FEEDING, add up to 1 cup per filling. Twist top on tightly. Encourage your dog to push, paw and roll the FLIPZ to dispense rewards. Discourage chewing. 

Hand wash with soapy water.

Please ensure this toy is suitable for your dog's preferences, chewing habits and size, remembering that no toy is completely indestructible.  We cannot offer refunds on toys that have been damaged through chewing.

Always supervise your dog during play, and regularly check your dog's toys, removing and replacing them if damaged or if parts become detached and could be a choking hazard, and seek immediate veterinary attention if any material is ingested.

Approximate Dimensions

Small - 5.5" x 5.5"

Large- 7" x 7"


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Play Suitability
Enrichment/Treat Dispensing
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