Friday Night Musings 028

Friday Night Musings 028

So this week I have…

1. Helped the team to stocktake our entire business and warehouse. They were amazing! Huge shout out to the folk that were in yesterday: Jane, Nikki, Katie, Leanne, Mel, Sean, Thornley, Craig, Kieran, Jess & Rich! All completed in record time and back open at 1pm to a queue of customers!

2. Enjoyed a gorgeous lunch with the team after said stocktake - fish and chips from the fabulous Slawit Chippy!

3. Started feeding Reggie and Dolly our new Just Natural raw food and they absolutely love it! I like to road test everything we stock with my two so I can speak from experience when advising customers!

4. Learnt I have to have an operation on my knee - micro fracture procedure? Anyone had one that can offer any insight into recovery and whether it worked?

5. Had quite a few problematic dogs in this week with intolerances and dietary issues. Detective work again - Jess and I do enjoy working with owners to solve things.

6. Read an awful article online about an owner who had a clasp fail on their dog’s lead and their dog ran into the road and was killed by an oncoming truck. Please please please check your clasps and don’t buy cheap off Amazon or from a bargain shop. It’s really stuck with me and I went straight home to check our lead clasps

7. Nail clipped the gorgeous boys Sydney and Parker again. These two make me laugh so much. Parker was very dramatic and wailed throughout. Sydney did a very convincing ‘broken leg’ walk through the shop which miraculously disappeared when he was given a biscuit and that was before he even had his nails done

8. Celebrated our lovely Katie’s 21st Birthday! Hands up if you remember being 21?? I feel mouldy oldie!

9. Fallen in love with ‘old boy’ Bear. He was the most lovely gentle boy. I love puppies (as we all do) but these old souls so also make my heart swell (especially little grey beards)

10. Stomped about in the snow. Who ordered the white stuff after the glorious sunshine of last week? Pah!

And that’s it you lovely lot! Have a great weekend whatever you are up to.

L x