Friday Night Musings 025

Friday Night Musings 025

This week I have:

1. Probably laughed too hard at our ‘jump scare’ antics in the office. The toilet is located on the landing and it has become a (very childish) game to jump out at people when they leave the toilet. Simple things eh!

2. Eaten yet more of Leanne’s delicious baked goods. This week was chocolate shortbread biscuits.

3. Recorded more YouTube videos which hopefully people will find helpful! The outtakes are building though and will probably end up in a bloopers compilation at some point

4. Cured a yeast imbalance on the lovely Bruce that I mentioned a few weeks ago. His ear was so itchy, sore and waxy, I suspected a yeast imbalance and recommended Yeasty Beasty. Four days later it was clear

5. Watched in wonder at the amazing results Katja at is achieving with her weekly laser sessions with her clients! Astounding results.

6. Took a massive delivery of MVM - this wonderful raw brand is growing in popularity with our customers - such a lovely company to deal with too!

7. Took delivery of our brand new Biscuit Bakes! Grain and gluten free, these fabulous biscuits are hand cut and hand baked - we love the ethos of our supplier and are so excited for you guys to try them!

8. Held our titre testing clinic on Thursday with the lovely ladies from My Home Vet. Out of 12 dogs tested, only 2 needed their full vaccinations! Fabulous!

9. Enjoyed the lovely weather this week - so nice to have some dry days and lighter nights

10. Am on dog sitting duty this weekend whilst our friends are away! It will be a weekend of mayhem whilst Reggie enjoys his play date!

And that’s a wrap, enjoy your weekend folks.

Laura x