Friday Night Musings 024

Friday Night Musings 024

This week I have:

1. Been utterly overwhelmed by the generosity and support of our wonderful customers in helping us ‘do our bit’ for the Ukraine with the donation to Underdog International. Phenomenal. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you

2. Finalised our new raw food brand - Just Natural - arriving the week after next! We’ve bought another freezer to accommodate this free flow mince that many of you have asked for

3. Installed four new freezers in the shop (three to replace old ones and one new one). It was a rather stressful day when they arrived without the ordered dividers (that we desperately needed) and we were then told the dividers weren’t coming but all is good now. And breathe

4. Nail clipped so many gorgeous doggies. Don’t ever be embarrassed if your dogs nails have got too long - we understand that life is busy, things get in the way and sometimes they get too long - we will never judge you, we’ll just help you get them sorted!

5. Been grateful for having a fantastic warehouse team - they don’t get much recognition as they work away in the background but I wanted to say how much they are appreciated!

6. Had a good old natter with the lovely Victoria House of Hound Hydrotherapy (another fellow Huddersfield business owner) today when she popped over with beautiful Narla! It’s so nice to chat to other doggy businesses from time to time and share stories

7. Started work on more YouTube content. They’re not slick videos but they’re hopefully informative - let us know anything you’d like to see! I even washed my hair for the occasion

8. Feel a bit ashamed and dirty. I got peed on (by a dog…) all down my top on Monday. Completely forgot and wore the same hoodie again on Tuesday. I need to up my hygiene game

9. Took our SodaPup toy delivery! These bad boys are super tough and a bit different! We’re always looking for requests for different toy brands so feel free to holler.

10. Done a fair amount of work on the website navigation to try and make it even easier to navigate. Feedback always welcome!

Any that’s a wrap, enjoy your weekend folks.

Laura x