Friday Night Musings 023

Friday Night Musings 023

So this week I have

1. Spent money like it’s going out of fashion! We’ve ordered four new freezers for the shop to make space for our brand new raw food brand coming soon

2. Despaired. I never normally mention politics or news in my musings but I can’t not say that my heart is with the Ukraine people

3. Listened to our customers!! We asked for suggestions of what you would like to see us stock last week aaaaand… we have ‘bulk buy’ poo bags in stock, muzzles in stock, we have signed up another raw brand (to be revealed) AND have Soda Pup enrichment toys coming in. I’m working on the other suggestions so please do know that we absolutely listen to you guys

4. Made the most of the blue sky and dry day today to enjoy a long walk with Dolly and Reggie - so good for the soul.

5. Helped Bruce the Frenchie with a nasty ear problem - diagnosed a yeast issue and given some Yeasty Beasty - hoping it will be good news from his lovely owners

6. Did a huge poo pick up in the garden. Hands up if you have left it for the week whilst the storms have raged?? I filled 22 poo bags

7. Taken delivery of most flavours of Biscuit Bites! Thank you all for your patience! Make the most of them! They’re likely to fly out

8. Been grateful to DAF for sorting out their delivery schedule after two lorry breakdowns. They’ve delivered to us Tuesday AND Thursday - 3 pallets on both drops so we are full to bursting again

9. Worked on the website. We are making some tweaks so please bear with us if there are any glitches! We’re trying to make it easier to filter the products you want

10. Been incredibly impressed with our two Colne Valley High School work experience students Jacob and Cassidy. Not only have they given up their half term to gain Year 11 work experience, they have also worked super hard (Jacob - Warehouse and Cassidy - Shop). If their parents are reading this you should be SO proud of them - feedback from both teams was brilliant. They are a credit to you.

And that’s it folks! Have a lovely weekend.

Laura x