Friday Night Musings 021

Friday Night Musings 021

This week I have:

1. Taken delivery of a new range of greetings cards - exclusive to Dragonfly, I'm rather pleased with them and look forward to adding more items to our growing Home & Gifts range!

2. Taken large deliveries of Manifold Valley Meats, The Dogs Butcher and Durham Animal Feeds - the walk in freezer is fit to bursting again!

3. Received a lovely gift from a customer through the post which was really appreciated. Thank you so much - you know who you are!

4. Started event planning for the year! Super excited to be attending loads more events this year - we did one last year which was a massive success but Covid had destroyed many others. Are there any events you would like us to try and attend?

5. Welcomed new girl Nikki to the shop team. She has cocked up the whole 'J Team' thing though so we may have to rename her...

6. Took delivery of more Bone & Broth powder - again only small quantities until our large order arrives.

7. Discovered our website has a 'due date' function (who knew?!) so when things are out of stock we are trying to ensure they have a date on when they will arrive or a note to say if they are out of stock indefinitely. Pork Spaghetti and Deer Hide remain elusive!!

8. Signed up some amazing new brands to add to our accessories range - these should start appearing over the next month or so. Keep your eyes peeled.

9. Have really enjoyed seeing all the entries on the Pawtrait competition (have you entered yet?!) - some seriously cute puppers out there.

10. Very nearly caved and got a third dog... but I stayed strong and didn't do it... for now. Three's not too many is it?

And that, as they say, is a wrap! Tomorrow I get to spend the weekend at spa with my mum, sister and nieces! Bliss! Enjoy yours whatever you are doing!

Laura x