Friday Night Musings 019

Friday Night Musings 019

So, this week I have…

1. Realised I employ too many staff with January birthdays! So with the last one being tomorrow, a big shout out to: Jacob, Rose, Rich and Andrea! Happy Birthdays to you all! Phew! What happens in May every year to cause a baby boom in January??

2. Welcomed a ‘new girl’ to the weekend staff crew. Be gentle with her (actually scrap that, call in and ask her every difficult question under the sun to test her knowledge… )

3. Took delivery of some new flavours to add to our Just Meat Little Trainers range - Goat, Fish and Wild Boar! So excited for you to try these out

4. Got my stock updates for next week: bully braids and medium root chews arriving in separate shipments!

5. Am very excited to have our warehouse transformed into organised bliss when Pro-Dek arrive next week to configure pallet racking to the entire warehouse

6. Tried to persuade Rich that I NEED to learn to drive the new Forklift but he isn’t keen

7. Sold out of Boil & Broth Bone Broth powder in minutes online! More is coming - we knew it would be popular but wow you guys love the stuff!

8. Run around the carpark with several doggy customers who just got beyond excited and giddy in the shop and needed to take some time out whilst their owners shopped - all part of the service and a great part of my day

9. Chopped all of my hair off! Not remotely work related but worth a mention! Fancied a change and my long suffering hairdresser worked his magic! Thanks K

10. Want to shout out to Naturaw (again) - fantastic customer service and support. And they’re from Yorkshire. What’s not to love?

And that’s a wrap folks. Have a fantastic weekend.

Laura x