Friday Night Musings 019

Friday Night Musings 018

This week I have:

1. Commenced Dry January! Hands up if you’re in the club and still going strong

2. Had a switch round in the shop - hopefully it feels a bit more open now in the raw food section and not quite as cramped when queuing for the till!

3. Advised a customer how to settle to poorly pooch’s tummy! Vets always seem to recommend boiled chicken and rice (rice?? ) - boiled chicken (or white fish) and steamed sweet potato works so much better as the tummy doesn’t have to work overtime to digest the rice! 12 hours later, pooch was loads better!

4. Had lots of new customers take up our new local delivery postcodes of HD8, WF14 & WF15. We will continue to gradually expand if and when the need arises!

5. Ordered some amazing new long lasting treats for the website - they may take a few weeks to arrive but rest assured they are coming!

6. The ghost of Kiln Hill continues their misadventures - the walk in freezer door inexplicably opened in the middle of the night despite being locked… (thankfully it was so cold in the warehouse it didn’t affect the temperature inside!)

7. Claimed total victory with show cocker, Sapphire’s elimination diet! We are completely hive, itch, red akin and irritation free! Massive respect to her lovely owner for following the plan to the letter!

8. Have almost fully booked our titre testing clinic for Tuesday 11th January! I believe we have just two spaces left

9. Accidentally did a duplicate order of Kong Toys we could set up our own Kong factory

10. Confirmed deliveries this coming week of raw brands: DAF, The Dogs Butcher, Landywoods, Natural Instinct, Naturaw and Manifold Valley Meats! The walk in freezer is looking bare after Christmas!

And that’s all folks. Have a wonderful weekend. I’m off to enjoy a Fanta Zero in a Prosecco glass

Laura x