Friday Night Musings 016

Friday Night Musings 016

This week I have…

1. Had THE BEST TIME at our Christmas Extravaganza. It was amazing to see just how many of you wanted to get involved both in the shop and online. The buzz was amazing and I think I speak for everyone when we said it was brilliant fun (if not tiring). Massive shout out to the crew that day in the shop: Jess, Cora May, Julia and Rosie. You were fantastic

2. Had our Christmas Works Night out. As I looked round our table of 24 I felt so immensely proud of how far this little company has come and what a fabulous group of people I get to work with day in day out. I MAY have ended up stood on my chair channelling my inner Mariah Carey at one point ()but The Little Bridge in Slaithwaite were very accommodating - food and service was fabulous and highly recommended!

3. Had my Covid booster. I have GOT THIS (or so I thought)… 12 hours later I woke up feeling as though I had slept in the walk in freezer whilst sweating a river . Thankfully the effects only lasted 24 hours of which I slept 12 and woke up a brand new woman (well not quite but you know what I mean). Omicron can kiss my butt (again huge kudos to Slaithwaite Civic Centre for being so well organised and managed to deliver boosters to 7 of our staff in record time so they didn’t have to use precious lunch breaks up).

4. Taken in more stock than you can shake a stick at to tide us over for the festive period. Guaranteed we will go out of stock of SOMETHING but we’ve tried so hard to ‘stock up’ - the warehouse shelves are groaning!

5. Needed to give a shout out to the awesome order processing team: Leanne, Mel, Rose, Tyler and Ruby for working so so so hard to process record numbers of orders and all the while with a smile on their face and a sense of humour. Well done guys!

6. Received our delivery of Lamb Horns on Monday which, I’m not going to lie, gave me sleepless nights as I know you were all desperate for them! Fingers crossed I have ordered enough this time to keep us going!

7. Received a ‘Pigglie Pass’ from the fabulous The Henporium - Slaithwaites Pet Shop - I get to spend 20 MINUTES in the guinea pig enclosure feeding the gang and having cuddles. Katy (the owner) is awesome and her pigglies are the most loved and cared for pigs you could ever meet. They LOVE human interaction - I am beyond excited for my Pigglie experience

8. Worked out last Thursday late night with Julia (Me Joolie) - it is lovely to see people on an evening and spend a bit more time with them but in all honesty, we are shattered by 5pm so I won’t miss staying late (sorry not sorry)

9. Been pleased to see the nail clipping service take off. So many of our wonderful local

groomers and vets just don’t have the time to offer nail clipping as a stand alone service but we do! Fully trained and insured we can give your pup’s nails a quick trim or, as we have this week, checked and advised against it if it isn’t required!

10. Decided that tonight, whilst Mr L is out with friends, to snuggle up with the dogs (and my poorly teenage boy), have a fire and watch a film! Another week is DONE!

Have a lovely weekend folks. 8 more sleeps…

Laura x