Friday Night Musings 013

Friday Night Musings 013

This week I have…

1. Welcomed the new Jane and Julia. Original Julia W and Jane W are joined my Jane H and Julia D. Jane H is married to Richard. Julia D drives the same car as Jane W. Jane W used to be Jane H before she married…Confused anyone??

2. Got the Christmas decs up! How quickly it is coming round!

3. Entered the Slaithwaite village church Christmas Tree competition! we have a winner

4. Got some lovely new Naturaw flavours in the freezer. Big shout out to this fab company for their new packaging too! Great company!

5. Discovered our warehouse is haunted. The alarm went off the other night and CCTV recorded some ungodly screams in it

6. Did our first late night shopping hours on Thursday with great success! So many of you took advantage - big thanks to Cora May for staying late with me and pulling a 9-8 shift

7. In a week of firsts we also did our first Black Friday! OMG you guys love a deal - with a few hours to go I believe it’s been a record breaking number of orders. Thank you so much

8. Let the warehouse staff down tools to have a group lunch (they usually go separately) - they are amazing and work so so hard behind the scenes! Ashby’s kept them fuelled. Thank you all for your hard work!

9. Dealt with a very grumpy Jess all week - office shares are tough work. So much so I debated camping in the husband’s office #workrelationships

10. Realised my musings are being posted at 10pm, after a few Proseccos with grumpy Jess. She’s not quite as grumpy anymore…

Have a good one folks!

L x