Friday Night Musings 011

Friday Night Musings 011

This week I have:

1. Had a couple of complaints about delivery times. Although we constantly strive to deliver NEXT DAY, at peak times it simply isn’t possible due to order volumes and stock issues. Please please please be kind and remember we are not Amazon. We are doing our very best to get orders out super fast and our order processing team are amazing, working super hard for you all

2. Sat at my desk most of the week doing admin tasks! A week’s holiday seems to equate to triple that in paperwork when you return

3. Celebrated our lovely Jess’ 28th Birthday! The low point was she requested COFFEE CAKE from our star baker Leanne for her birthday cake. What kind of weirdo do I share an office with?!?

4. Worked with a lovely customer on getting to the bottom of her dog’s strange smell. We’re toying with it being a yeast imbalance but we shall see. I love a bit of detective work!

5. Talked doggy periods with several customers. Must be the ‘season’. We need a supplier to design a teeny tiny tampon…

6. Planned December for the shop - late night shopping every Thursday and a super exciting Christmas shopping weekend! Details to follow… you online order folks won’t miss out

7. Placed four SUPER SIZED orders for Christmas cut offs with suppliers - how the heck did it get so close?!?

8. Realised that life does not begin at 40. Since turning 40 in September my shoulder and knee have gone, my eye sight is getting worse and today I got an ‘Over 40’s Wellness checkup’ text from my Drs…. Hrmphhhhhh

9. Reinstated DPD Raw Food Courier deliveries on the website and boy, were you lot excited!! We’ve trained an extra member of staff up to deal with the influx

10. Confirmed two wonderful new shop staff appointments. We already have Jane and Julia in the shop… guess what the two new ladies are called…

And that’s another week done! Have a good one.

L x