Friday Night Musings 009

Friday Night Musings 009

This week I have:

1. Taken a few customers dogs for a walk round the car park whilst their hooman’s shopped. Sometimes dogs get over excited in the shop so it’s quite nice to calmly walk them around outside (and get some fresh air).

2. Realised that no matter what you do, what advice you give, no matter how unbiased you try to be about how people choose to feed their dogs people will always troll you on social media. I do not feed the trolls.

3. Did my first live on our All About Dogs group! I think it went well, feedback was good but it’s always a bit daunting doing a live (I’m not a natural at it)

4. Have a walk in freezer FIT TO BURSTING with raw dog food! We need a bigger boat.

5. Did a harness fitting with two huge adorable Golden Retriever siblings that wanted to give me kisses and shout at me in equal measures. And I loved it (Eva and Elliot - that’s YOU)

6. Started planning our Halloween Spooktacular Weekend for the shop!

7. Finalised details of an amazing new range with a wonderful LOCAL supplier! Details will follow shortly!

8. Realised that I really hate anything IT related. It doesn’t make sense and is never much fun! And I always seem to be the one to fix emails, printers etc. Why is that? Why? I need an IT person

9. Took a monster delivery of ADIOS compostable Poo Bags and my lord, the colours are amazing! You need rainbow poo bags to brighten up a revolting job (we also love Ben at Adios - what a fabulous company!)

10. Discovered an entire dog’s claw in the shop. Random. Is anyone missing a claw??

And there’s no rest for the wicked as I’m working in the shop tomorrow! See you lovely folks later.

Laura x