Friday Night Musings 006

Friday Night Musings 006

This week I have:

1. Accidentally picked up a stray nugget of dog poo with my fingers in the shop thinking it was a piece of black pudding…

2. Continued on my quest to persuade one of our Order Processors Mel, that dogs are far better than cats. I don’t know HOW she slipped through the net tbh

3. Written several articles for the website - forgot how much I enjoy writing!

4. Undertaken four virtual harness fittings! They are getting easier to do and feedback has been amazing!

5. Signed up an amazing new supplier…

6. Realised that Sean, one of our fab warehouse peeps, has SUCH a bald head (usually covered with a cap) that if ever there is a power cut we can use the sheen from his bonce as an extra power source

7. Celebrated a great weight loss journey for one of our fab customers (dog not human). Well done to her owners for a superb effort on their part in working with us to reduce her weight sensibly!

8. Set up a few more elimination diets for some very itchy dogs. I enjoy working with problematic dogs (very often bull breeds but not always) to fix their allergies. It’s such a great feeling when we make a difference!

9. Placed our Christmas Products order! Super excited!

10. Been the worst patient in the world with an ear infection - these things are not pleasant are they! Hoping the antibiotics kick in sharpish!!

Have a good one!

Laura (and my poorly ear) x