Friday Night Musings 005

Friday Night Musings 005

This week I have:

1. Eaten my body weight (and then some) in birthday cake that lovely Leanne made for me!

2. Watched the long summer days turn to shorter autumn days makes me realise the dreaded dark night dog walks are getting nearer. I love autumn but enjoy my summer evening walks more!

3. Been super proud of Cora May passing her driving test – the young girl that joined us two years ago is turning into an amazing young woman with the world at her feet.

4. Helped (with Jess) a wonderful lady with her new rehomed dog – she has been through so much recently with the loss of her husband, a stroke and various other things. Seeing the joy that her new dog is bringing her made me realise just how special these furry four-legged creatures really are.

5. Fitted ten billion harnesses (ok so that is an exaggeration but felt like it) – including two virtual harness fittings - and now see SO many customers when out and about on my daily dog walk with Ruffwear harnesses that it feels like a Ruffwear explosion took place in the Colne Valley. Seeing all the dogs trotting along wearing their harnesses with pride makes me smile and feedback from their owners is AMAZING.

6. Took delivery of more Ruffwear Coats. Someone stop me browsing the range and buying more please…

7. Finally took delivery of ten pallets of some favourites including braided lamb gullet, lamb horns etc to upload onto the website.

8. Started Christmas Planning with Jess – so many fab ideas coming, can’t wait to unleash them on the website but WHEN? WHEN is too soon to start saying the C word??

9. Got the fit of the giggles when trying to film a video about the Manifold Valley Meats range we have in…the long sausage shape is just too rude for immature people like me and we almost gave up.

10. Got shamed into tidying my desk up. I’m Laura and I’m Messy.

Have a great weekend folks!

Laura x