Friday Night Musings

Friday Night Musings - 003

This week I have:

1. Been very confused as to what day it actually is - the bank holiday threw me

2. Knelt in a puddle of wee whilst undertaking a harness fitting - you know who you are puppy!

3. Helped with lots of order picking due to staff holidays (sometimes it’s actually really nice to go back to where I started)

4. Opened the Dragonfly Dog Hotel again to look after my friend’s incredibly adorable puppy Bonnie (broody for another puppy, moi??)

5. Taken delivery of and sold half of our new dog walking bum bags (I haven’t even got them on the website yet folks!!! More coming!!!)

6. Said the C word many MANY times - Christmas planning. HOW are we nearing that time?!

7. Taken delivery of loads of gorgeous Ruffwear winter coats including the new season designs. They’re not cheap but oh my goodness you get what you pay for. Fabulous.

8. Added more raw options to the website for bulk buys and individual pack options

9. Whinged A LOT about the fact that in ten days time I will be turning 40!! FORTY! How did that happen

10. Enjoyed so many puppy cuddles this week - so many of you have new additions! It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!

Have a great weekend! See some of you tomorrow - I’ll be in the shop with the lovely Cora-May and Beth.

Laura (& Bonnie) x