Dog Friendly Candles and Essential Oils – Calming and Relaxing

Dog Friendly Candles and Essential Oils – Calming and Relaxing

It has been so fantastic working with Dragonfly to create an exclusive calming candle and diffuser oil that can help to relieve your dog’s anxiety, especially around this time of year with the noises from fireworks, a time that can cause particular distress for our fur babies.

The candles are made from pure coconut wax with a little soy added, along with some specially selected gentle essential oils. They are biodegradable and completely safe for your dogs, a good job as my 8 month old Cavapoo likes to eat any bits that I drop on the floor as I’m filling my wax melter!

To get the most from your candle always trim the wick to 0.5cm each time before you light it, this will prevent it heating up too much and burning away too quickly.

The first time that you use your candle let it melt all the way to the edge, this creates the melt pool and wax memory. If you don’t do this a false edge is created that the candle will only burn to on subsequent uses.

When you use your candle don’t leave it lit for more than a couple of hours at most, just let it melt to the end. The candle is made from pure essential oils and once it has been lit the oils will stay in the air, you don’t need to leave it lit for it to be effective.

Place your candle away from draughty areas and make sure that it’s out of reach of your dog. Use the lid as a coaster whilst the candle is lit to protect surfaces and make sure that you put the lid on to the candle when not in use so that it preserves the oils from evaporation. If you have one use a snuffer to put out your candle rather than blowing it out, this will keep the wax nice and level, again giving you a longer, more even burn.

The essential oils in the candle have been especially selected to be safe and calming for dogs (and their owners!) with bergamot, lavender and vetiver relieving anxiety and inducing relaxation. I hope you like them and find them helpful.

Combined with Dragonfly’s Calm & Relaxed Treats and Keep Calm tonic for a truly relaxed dog!

Sam Bliss Therapies