Flea Off (Flea & Tick Prevention Supplement)

Dragonfly Products


Our natural flea, tick and mite repellent is made from a combination of herbs to discourage any unwanted visitors without upsetting the tummy and negating the need for toxic 'spot on' or tablet treatments. The supplement requires 4 weeks of feeding to build up to a level of deterrent in the body and is then secreted through the coat and skin to have effect.

The ingredients such as Neem work together to create an ideal environment that parasites do not like by altering the taste, Ph and smell of your dog. Neem is also a natural pesticide so kills the insects without having any side effects.

Add daily to breakfast.  The herbs are absorbed into the system and released through the skin the deter unwanted visitors.

Supplied as a powder in a resealable tub with measuring scoop.  Scoop provided is a 2.5ml measure included in pack and equivalent to a half teaspoon.

Add to daily feed.

Small dogs 1 x 2.5ml measure (140 days supply) Medium dogs 2 x 2.5ml measures (70 days supply) Large dogs 3 x 2.5ml measures (46 days supply) Giant breeds 4 x 2.5ml measures (35 days supply)

Suitable for kittens and puppies 12 weeks +  *Not suitable for pregnant/nursing bitches, or queens*

Ingredients: Fenugreek, kelp, neem, mint & lemon balm.  


Age Suitability
12 weeks+
Free From
Additives, Flavourings, Gluten, Grain,
Fenugreek, Kelp, Neem, Mint, Lemon Balm,
Natural alternative to
Chemical Flea Treatment
Pack Weight
Region of Origin
Shelf Life
18 months