Training Treats For Dogs - The Lowdown

Training Treats For Dogs - The Lowdown

Grain Free Training Treats for Dogs

Now you’ve got your new dog or puppy settled into your home, it’s time to start with the fun part – training! With so many varieties and makes on the market it can be quite daunting choosing the right type. Fancy packaging and flavours are designed to catch your attention, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthy treats for your dog.

What do you need to be looking out for when selecting treats?

The number one question you should be asking is, what are they made of? Lots of dog and puppy treats out there on the shelves are mass produced which often means adding nasty additives, artificial flavourings, chemicals and even dyes. By looking at more natural treats with high protein content you are already one step closer to providing your pooch with a healthier lifestyle.

Grain free training treats

We see “grain-free” on plenty of doggy related products but why? Grains as a rule are the cause of a lot of allergies/intolerances due to them not being required in a dog’s diet. Grains, cereals and other fillers are just that…fillers – They provide no nutritional value but are there to merely bulk out the product (often witnessed in the volume of poop your dog produces).

Where are they produced?

Some packaging will state that the treat is from the UK but this isn’t always the case, many are manufactured in China and other far flung places then packaged in the UK, so do your homework.  If it is cheap, the quality is usually questionable.

Are they suitable for my dog?

It is important to take into consideration the size and age of your dog. Large treats can sometimes be a choking hazard for tiny puppy mouths and vice versa for bigger dogs.

Dragonfly Products Little Trainers

Our range has something for everyone – even those with sensitive tummies! Our Training Treats are manufactured in the UK using completely natural ingredients with no added “nasties”.

Our Fish and Bird range use 80% freshly prepared meat or fish and the rest is sweet potato and stock – that’s it! Sweet potato is used to bind the treat together but it's also a bit of a doggy superfood.

Don’t take our word for it – let your pooch decide!

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